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'Survivor Cagayan' recap, 'Chaos is My Friend'
'Survivor Cagayan' recap, 'Chaos is My Friend'

It’s night 28, and things are a little subdued after Tribal Council. Jefra tries to explain why she didn’t make her big move. Kass talks a bunch of smack about Spencer that isn’t really warranted. Spencer laments the fact that he wasted his Idol, but that’s still better than being sent home without playing it. Treemail time. They get wallets of money, because it’s time for the "Survivor" auction. Tony is already planning ahead to use his money not for food, but for whatever advantage that might be up for bid. Spencer is also totally all over that, and, frankly, he needs it more. Auction time, and here are the rules: everyone has $500, you can’t...