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Santa will tour neighborhoods, thanks to our firefighters [West Friendship]

If you hear the sound of sirens this week, it is probably Santa and his helpers from West Friendship Volunteer Fire Department Station 3 making the yearly rounds through the neighborhoods. This week's stops include Barley Field Way, Lancelot Cross, Willow Green Way, Hardin Field on the evening of Dec. 12, Carroll Mill Road, Etchison Road, Mount Albert Road, Benson Branch Road, Fawnhaven Court, Pointer Hill Court and Woodspurge Court on the evening of Dec. 13. And, Triadelphia Road, Emerald Valley Road, Evergreen Way, Golden Oak Court, Conchita Drive and Benson Estates Drive on the evening of Dec. 14., Buckskin Wood Drive, Buckskin Lake Drive, Ridgewood Drive, Walt Ann Drive, Hunt...