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Monkton Grille, The Weekender now open
Monkton Grille, The Weekender now open

North County diners now have two new choices when they're on the prowl for a good meal. The Weekender, at the corner of Sheppard and Troyer roads in Monkton, and the Monkton Grille, at the intersection of Mt. Carmel and York roads in Hereford, both opened this summer. The Monkton Grille Three Hereford High School graduates combined their time, money and experience to open up The Monkton Grille, a new eatery that features breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ray Causey, Dan Quidley and Ryan Zyla opened up their new venture in early July. Causey's business, Causey Contracting Inc. shares a building with restaurant space that was most recently Over the Moon Café. It has also...