Anne Arundel seeks to help immigration effort

Under Armour

Was I sport to the drunken salesmen?

Was I sport to the drunken salesmen?

As soon as the hotel elevator doors close, I realize my mistake. Men surround me on all sides. Drunk men. Drunk salesmen, specifically, with Under Armour logos on their shirts. They hold opaque plastic cups of liquor and brown plastic bottles of beer, suggesting they have just come from one of the boats docked across the street in the Inner Harbor. There are three men behind me and two on either side. I put my head down and focus on the ornate designs of the carpet.

The men are rowdy. I'm keenly aware I might get "accidentally" touched. I try to make myself small. At 5-foot 3-inches tall, it isn't hard. I'm wearing flats. My dress is clingy but not seductive — I'm coming...