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Like/Dislike with Ian Sayre, Gorilla King Comics
Like/Dislike with Ian Sayre, Gorilla King Comics

On Saturday, comic book stores across the country are giving away free comic books in an effort to promote the genre and to support individual comic book stores. This year, an estimated 4.6 million free comic books will be given out at stores across the country. One store participating is Gorilla King Comics, at 1711 Aliceanna St. in Fells Point, owned by Ian Sayre. Sayre, 38, opened the store about a year ago. "We love comics," he said. "Gorilla King Comics is a very classy place at which to buy one's comics." Sayre took the time to talk to us about ghostbusting and how he feels about newspapers. What song are you hating/loving right now? I'm...