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'Empire' recap: Not a happy Mother's Day for Lucious

'Empire' recap: Not a happy Mother's Day for Lucious

Music dramz, family dramz, award dramz, business dramz, baby dramz and gay dramz is this week’s episode in a nutshell.

Never to disappoint on the freak-factor, we are also delivered a chilling performance by the cake-machete wielding Leah Walker (Leslie Uggams), as she lectures her son Dwight – my bad, Lucious – “Sorry I was too weak to kill you when I had the chance."

Yeah, that’s the kind of week we’re having, sister.

The main focus this week is still on the American Sound Awards (ASAs) and the Lyon family drive to earn a prime-time spot performance. To this end, we see an initial ongoing battle between Hakeem, Jamal and Lucious...