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Natty Boh brewer to be sold to Russian firm

Natty Boh brewer to be sold to Russian firm

It hasn't been brewed in Maryland since 1996, and now, National Bohemian beer likely won't even be American — the locally identified brew is among those a Russian company is acquiring in a deal to buy Pabst Brewing Co.

Russia's Oasis Beverages and a U.S. hedge fund have agreed to buy Pabst, that brewer's second sale in four years. Oasis Chairman Eugene Kashper called the company's flagship Pabst Blue Ribbon "the quintessential American brand" and said he was eager to work with Pabst's "trove of iconic brands."

Those 30 brands include the likes of Schlitz, Old Milwaukee and Colt 45 — along with what most know as PBR and Natty Boh.