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Ownership of Oella butcher shop changes
Ownership of Oella butcher shop changes

J.W. Treuth & Sons, a wholesale butcher company that sits on 20 acres of land in Oella, is now under the ownership of two young entrepreneurs. Jason, 38, and Michael Trippett, 43, purchased Hoffman's Quality Meats, a family business since 1923 in Hagerstown and kept that family-run operation the same. They expect to continue the Treuth tradition, Jason Trippett said. "Our intention is to come in here and continue the same tradition as Treuth had here for more than 100 years," said Jason Trippett, a Severna Park resident who grew up in Anne Arundel County. The iconic meat packing company, where 100 cattle are slaughtered each day, is tucked away on Oella Avenue. The...