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A UMBC engineers' race drives innovation

A UMBC engineers' race drives innovation

Race. Wreck. Rebuild. Repeat.

Four words, outlined by 23-year-old Nick Belkoff, sum up a year in the life of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County's Baja Racing team.

The team, which started in 1991, is an extracurricular activity at the university. About 20 students work on the team's 320-pound single-seat dune buggy.

The off-road car is designed to climb hills and "go over a lot of bumpy stuff," as Belkoff, a Baldwin native and team member who is studying information systems, said.

The car has a theoretical top speed of 42 mph, and it has reached 35 mph in action. It's limited because of friction loss and terrain differences, said Natalie...