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Alice Walton

A case history in Arkansas; Fayetteville: Here, Bill and Hillary Clinton were married, taught at the University of Arkansas and launched his political career.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- Law Professor Ray Guzman is in full "Paper Chase" mode. His lecture on the rules of evidence is clipping along, he is surprising students with sudden questions -- "Miss Doherty, how would you rule?" -- and he's jumping from case to case to illuminate the finer points of admissibility.

Guzman is training the next generation of lawyers with this time-honored, doze-off-and-die method, much as he's done almost continuously since the 1960s here at the University of Arkansas Law School.

During one leave of absence, though, a new professor at the law school took over his class.

"A friend called me and joked, 'If you want to...