Maryland casinos are pumping out billions for education. So why are there school budget deficits?

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Charity is in the jeans for Wilde Lake students

Charity is in the jeans for Wilde Lake students

Somewhere among the nearly 500 pairs of donated jeans and khakis that drape the corridors of Wilde Lake High School are a pair with a display of rhinestones on blue denim. Wilde Lake senior Tyesesha Beasley was more than willing to give them away.

"My mother bought them, and I don't like jewels on my jeans, so I said, 'Let me give them to someone who will wear them,' " said Beasley, among scores of students who have taken part in the school's Teens for Jeans project.

As an effort to promote schoolwide charity, Wilde Lake High students chose the project, part of a national outreach effort that encourages students to donate trousers for students at area homeless...