Organizers love the buzz the party is getting. They hope it carries over to meet the ultimate goal of the Pratt Contemporaries.

"It gets young people who may not know where the library is inside the building," Powell said. "In the end, it is calling attention to how great the Pratt is. It's given us tons of exposure and lets people know the services we provide."

A special brew

Volker Stewart, founding partner of The Brewer's Art, has developed an "accessible" and "interesting" pale ale for the "Gatsby"-themed party. "We wanted to make something that wouldn't shake your taste buds, but pique your interest," he said. "It's fairly malt forward with botanical flavors in it. It's not going to be super roasty and hoppy. It's going to have a pleasant drinkability to it. But it's not going to be boring."


How do you stand out in a sea of black and white?

Lisa Schatz, owner of Cupcake in Fells Point who regularly attends the party, suggests that people follow modern trends inspired by the Roaring '20s. She'll likely wear a Moschino flapper-style miniskirt and pair it with a simple top and perhaps a lace-up "granny" shoe like the ones from Poetic License, sold at Poppy and Stella in Fells Point. Schatz also recommends a drop-waist dress, which is popular this year: "Don't go too far with the '20s items — you don't want to step into costume land at an elegant charity event."

By the numbers

0: number of tickets available; the party sold out three weeks ago.

2: number of floors the party will take place; a VIP area has been added for the first time.

4: number of years the party has been thrown.

5: number of hours it takes to completely decorate the library for the party.

5: number of bars.

15: number of bartenders.

42: pounds of grits.

100: number of songs DJ K-ICE Ingersol will play during the party.

112: pounds of beef, sauteed and slow cooked, to make Julia Child's beef bourguignon.

130: pounds of chicken.

200: number of guests that attended the inaugural party.