Xbox 360/PS3/PC/Wii

Release: Q4

Activision has confirmed its annual "Call of Duty" title for what will likely be another November release. It's all but assured that this will indeed be a sequel to 2010's "Call of Duty: Black Ops." The good thing about the first "Black Ops" was that in addition to the wildly popular multiplayer mode, there was a decent single-player story with a historical setting. One can hope this is an innovation for the franchise, not simply an iteration.

'Halo 4'


Xbox 360

Release: Holiday 2012

A new trilogy in the "Halo" story begins under Microsoft's 343 Industries, a team created solely for the development of the beloved franchise. Master Chief and his arsenal will sport an updated look that takes advantage of boundary-pushing art for this console generation. The bar is incredibly high for "Halo 4," given its predecessor's acclaim, but there's every indication it will live up to the "Halo" name.

'Grand Theft Auto V'


Xbox 360/PS3/PC

Release: 2012?

Little is known about "GTA V," except what can be gleaned from Rockstar's minute-long teaser trailer. It's clear that the game is set in a fictionalized version of L.A. called "Los Santos," and that there will assuredly be the sandbox-style mayhem "GTA" fans know and love. It's appropriate that Rockstar's description of the game's story is about "the pursuit of the almighty dollar," because "GTA V" is bound to sell millions of copies, potentially the most of any 2012 release.

'The Last of Us'



Release: 2012?

In a year of third, fourth, and ninth sequels, it's refreshing to see some promising new stories and settings that are worth getting excited over. "The Last of Us" is a survival horror/adventure game that looks to be heavily influenced by some of the great post-apocalyptic fiction we've been treated to recently (Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" immediately comes to mind). The trailer indicates perilous survival, the wastes of America, and of course, zombies. Who's not excited?