Xbox 360/PS3/PC

Release: May 22

For many years, local author Tom Clancy has lent his name and characters to video games with a generally high degree of success. However, with first-person military shooters very much en vogue, it's hard not lo look at "Future Soldier" as a thinking man's "Modern Warfare." Still, the Clancy brand's connections to military realism lead to a slick-looking projection of near-future conflicts, with an uptempo emphasis on high-tech weapons and intense firefights.



Xbox 360

Release: Q2

"Minecraft" has been available to PC and mobile users since November and has created a legion of loyal fans obsessed with painted geometric blocks. "Minecraft" doesn't need to do gangbusters on the Xbox Live Arcade or the PlayStation Network to be successful, having already sold 5 million copies. However, it will be a minor breakthrough if the world-building sandbox title translates to both the console experience and the console-only gamer.

'Tomb Raider'

Square Enix

Xbox 360/PS3/PC/Mac

Release: Q3

Lara Croft is not immune to the reboot rage. Since you can't do a reboot without an origin story, we find ourselves with a young Croft in "Tomb Raider," figuring out how to survive for the first time in such tight outfits. Early indication is that this "Tomb Raider" title will be more sandbox-oriented than in the past, playing to the series' strengths of puzzles and exploration. Please, guys, just don't make another movie.

'Borderlands 2'

2K Games

Xbox 360/PS3/PC

Release: Sept. 18

"Borderlands" was the surprise hit of 2009, delivering a game rich in the visceral thrill of a first-person shooter with a healthy serving of materialistic looting and customization. The cartoonish visual feel of "Borderlands" actually helped differentiate it. "Borderlands 2" promises to build on that formula, providing a completely different, RPG-influenced flavor to shooter fans than the run-of-the-mill blaster titles provide.

'FIFA 13'