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'The Amazing Race' recap: 'One Hot Camel'

'The Amazing Race' recap: 'One Hot Camel'

Last week, teams raced to Abu Dhabi, where it was hot. I decided to cheer for the Bunny Wives, and they came in last place. But they were saved by a non-elimination round. What will happen tonight?

Still in Abu Dhabi, teams have to drive themselves to some sand dunes. But first! Remember the bag of Viking coins that they dug up in Norway? If they arrange the coins in the order that they’re stenciled on the bag, and then turn them over, they’ll have the numeric code to unlock their car.

Do you know who already cracked the code? Overachieving Dater Amy, of course. The Pinks and the Bunny Wives are the only teams to struggle, but it doesn’t take them long. Oh, and the Bunnies are...