Tired of twins, in need of wins

I'm going to come clean – I've had enough of these twins.

I love football on TV as much as the next guy. And hanging with my friends is great.

But because of serious overexposure to a certain football anthem – a tune that ESPN seems to think has the shelf-life of a can of Spam – I've had it up to here with the twins stuff. So they look alike. So what?

Maybe I'd feel differently if I owned Tiki Barber. Maybe then I wouldn't be in a two-game fantasy free-fall, either.

Let's just say, you know it's not your week when one of your starting running backs gets thrown out of the game before it starts.

To be fair, I had a hunch it wasn't my week when I plugged in William Green as a starting running back. And when I saw that I was up against Peyton Manning. Ouch.

But this week has been promising so far. For one, I said goodbye to Koren Robinson, who I happily dropped like Nicolette Sheridan's towel. It felt good, too. I highly recommend it.

So with K-Ro in my rearview, I'm confident there are better days ahead. Better days and fewer dropped passes.

Oh, and no more bye weeks. I love Week 11.

Quick hitters

  • I'm sick of Peyton Manning. One, because I didn't draft him. Two, because I had to face him in two different leagues last week. Manning threw for five TDs last week, his third five-TD game of the season. Daunte Culpepper also has three five-TD games. Only five other quarterbacks have thrown for more than 15 touchdowns this season.

    Manning remains on pace to shatter Dan Marino's single-season record for TD passes (48). But of his nine touchdown passes over the past two weeks, not one has gone to Marvin Harrison.

    Culpepper, Donovan McNabb, Brett Favre and Terrell Owens rounded out last week's top five.

  • In other Manning family news, fantasy owners wasted little time before pouncing on Eli Manning, who lit up the waiver wire earlier this week after Giants coach Tom Coughlin named the No.1 pick his new starting QB. Most rookie QBs will hurt your fantasy team more than they'll help, but there are always exceptions (see: Roethlisberger, Ben). You could do worse at your backup QB spot than Manning. If you're hanging onto Jeff Garcia, Drew Bledsoe, Carson Palmer, Tim Rattay or Josh McCown, you've got to ask yourself – how much worse could Manning be? If nothing else, the kid's got good genes.

    I'm more interested to see how much of an impact Manning will have on the Giants passing game. WR Amani Toomer doesn't have a touchdown catch this season, and Ike Hilliard has become a fantasy non-factor, so they can only get better. But it's Jeremy Shockey who will get the biggest boost. As Manning adjusts to the speed of the NFL game and scrambles for his life behind a suspect offensive line, the dependable Shockey will quickly develop into his favorite target.

  • Another 2004 draft pick to keep an eye on is Dallas RB Julius Jones, who's reportedly close to returning from a broken shoulder blade. Jones was back at practice this week and could be starting by Thanksgiving vs. the Bears. With the Cowboys' running game ranked near the bottom of the league (25th), Jones will get a chance to prove himself as soon as he's healthy. You should grab him as soon as you can.

  • How is it that Indianapolis leads the league in scoring (33.1 ppg), but Colts kicker Mike Vanderjagt 22nd in scoring among fantasy kickers? Vanderjagt leads the league in PATs with 35 but has booted six field goals. Twenty-nine kickers have more three-pointers than Vanderjagt.

  • Forty-one WRs have more fantasy points than Peerless Price. Peerless means "without peer," right? Just checking.

  • If you're looking for a defense to stick with down the stretch, consider Atlanta. Sure, the Falcons gave up 56 to the Chiefs a few weeks back, but they racked up seven sacks last week and have a soft remaining schedule. Atlanta faces the Giants (Manning's NFL debut), New Orleans (twice), Tampa Bay, Oakland, Carolina and Seattle. Also check out Arizona, which ranks near the top of the league in takeaways (20) and sacks (24), and has a favorable remaining schedule (Carolina, N.Y. Jets, Detroit, San Francisco, St. Louis, Seattle, Tampa Bay).

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