Matt Bouza (WR) (1982-83) Lafayette, Calif. Owner and president of a company that sells parts for orthopedic implants.

Greg Bracelin (LB) (1982-83) Bay Point, Calif. Sales representative for a company that rents out construction equipment.

Mike Bragg (P) (1980) Alexandria, Va. Account executive with a firm that offers employee benefit packages to companies.

Larry Braziel (DB) (1979-81) Fort Worth, Texas. Branch director of a Boys & Girls Club and director of a youth ministry.

Randy Burke (WR) (1978-81) Lexington, Ky. Marketing sales consultant for a television station.

Ray Butler (WR) (1980-83) Houston. Shipping clerk for a tool company.

Roger Carr (WR) (1974-81) Monroe, La. Athletic administrator at University of Louisiana -- Monroe.

Raymond Chester (TE) (1974-77) Oakland, Calif. Owner of a golf course management company.

Jim Cheyunski (LB) (1975-76) Jacksonville, Fla. High school athletic director.

Elmer Collett (G) (1974-77) Stinson Beach, Calif. Firefighter.

Fred Cook (DE) (1974-80) Pascagoula, Miss. Founder and director of a non-profit group working with at-risk youth.

Johnie Cooks (LB) (1982-83) Vicksburg, Miss. Special assistant for marketing and fund-raising for Alcorn State University athletic department.

Cleveland Crosby (DE) (1982) Houston. Declined comment.

Terry Crouch (G) (1982) Dallas. Salesman for a retail furniture company.

Mike Curtis (LB) (1974-75) Potomac, Md. Operating partner of a company that develops and sells apartment buildings.

Jeff Delaney (S) (1982-83) McMurray, Pa. Account manager for a company that sells supplies for eye surgery.

Brian DeRoo (WR) (1979-81) Indio, Calif. High school teacher and coach.

Dan Dickel (LB) (1974-77) Coralville, Iowa. Elementary school teacher and high school football coach.

Curtis Dickey (RB) (1980-83) Arlington, Texas. Director of health and physical education at a Boys & Girls Club.

Bucky Dilts (P) (1979) Boulder, Colo. Branch director of sales and marketing for a data services company.