C. Eternal friendship
D. Purity

17. Which Roman feast is said to be an early version of Valentine's Day?
A. Feast of Feralia
B. Feast of Parentalia
C. Feast of Saturnalia
D. Feast of Lupercalia*

18. Who is credited with sending the first American Valentine in 1846?
A. Emily Dickinson
B. Esther Howland*
C. Mary Todd Lincoln
D. Edith McClellan

19. Which Shakespearean character sings about Valentine's Day?
A. Juliet
B. Ophelia*
C. Lady Macbeth
D. Desdemona

20. In Denmark, the senders of Valentines sign their names in code. What does the recipient get for correctly guessing the sender's identity?
A. A kiss
B. Chocolate
C. An egg on Easter*
D. Flowers