LET'S BEGIN with the premise that most injury stories are inherently boring and will put you to sleep faster than a tire iron upside your head.

Fell off the treadmill in the gym and sprained your ankle? Who cares?

Rear-ended at a traffic light and now you have whiplash and one of those goofy neck braces? Yawn. Happens to a dozen people before breakfast every day.

Then there is Sascha Wolhandler's injury story.

Sascha's story will draw a crowd at a cocktail party, I promise you.

Because Sascha Wolhandler is the only one who can rake a cracker through the crab dip and casually say: "I broke my foot playing a sex addict in the new John Waters film."

To be perfectly honest with you, just the words "sex addict" are enough to get my attention at a party.

Now you throw in a broken foot, and the possibility of all sorts of steamy acrobatics - it's enough to melt the Amstel Light in my fat little fingers.

Anyway, in a moment we'll get into how exactly Sascha was injured - look, I'm not about to reveal it right here and have you blow off the rest of the column for Doonesbury or the TV listings. What, you think I'm some kind of rube?

But first we should mention that Wolhandler runs a well-known catering business in town and owns Sascha's 527 restaurant on Charles Street with her husband, Stephen Suser.

She's also a long-time pal of John Waters, having done catering for his film sets and appeared as an extra in Pecker.

And she has a terrific sense of humor, which you sort of need to play a sex addict, it seems to me.

This time she was appearing as an extra in Waters' new film A Dirty Shame, which stars Chris Isaak and Tracy Ullman and is billed as a comedy about sex addiction on Harford Road.

(I know, I know ... hasn't everyone done a comedy about sex addiction on Harford Road?)

The film just wrapped up shooting - it's scheduled to be released sometime next year - but not before giving Sascha Wolhandler a story she can milk for the rest of her life.

OK, we're getting to the good part now - well, as good as it's going to get in a family newspaper. (Look, I'm not about to lose my job just so you people can have a few cheap thrills.)

So last month, they were shooting this scene at a convenience store where the "neuters" - people opposed to the sex addicts - are outside protesting with picket signs and the 30 or so sex addicts inside are doing, well, what sex addicts do.

(C'mon, who doesn't go to the convenience store to have sex? Hey, if you're still pulling up to the 7-Eleven for bread and milk and lottery tickets, you better get a life, my friend.)

Things were going along swimmingly when all of a sudden the actor who played Wolhandler's sex partner - "my young boy-toy" as she calls him - tripped and fell on Sascha's foot.