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Hippie-era 'Godspell' at Silhouette Stages links then and now

Hippie-era 'Godspell' at Silhouette Stages links then and now

"Godspell" is a hippie-era musical from 1971 that has an eternal message. That's not surprising when you consider that its script is based on the Gospel According to St. Matthew.

The current Silhouette Stages production makes sure you make the connection between the biblical stories and today. Although that proves to be a mixed blessing in this particular staging, it's a lively show with perpetually catchy tunes and spiritual messages that remain relevant.

Stephen M. Deininger, who directed the Silhouette Stages production, ensures that you get the thematic links between then and now. From its opening moments until its conclusion, this "Godspell" makes...