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William Shakespeare
Myrtle C. 'Mattsy' Lobig, longtime city teacher
Myrtle C. 'Mattsy' Lobig, longtime city teacher

Myrtle C."Mattsy" Lobig, a former Patterson Park High School English teacher who spent more than three decades getting her students to appreciate the works of William Shakespeare, died Tuesday in her sleep at her Dundalk home. She was 90. "She was a wonderful teacher and looked at everything we wrote and made nice comments on our essays," said Dr. Gregory J. Sophocleus, a Baltimore physician who graduated in 1951 from Patterson Park High School. "In those days, we had respect for teachers, and if she ever sent home a note to your parents, you knew you were going to catch hell," Dr. Sophocleus said with a laugh. The daughter of James T. Clisham, a Bethlehem...