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Saul Bellow

Passing on the torch of local arts

Passing on the torch of local arts

It was a great experience being arts editor in Howard County the past 25 years. This was a dream job for a guy like me and I can't believe I'm walking away from it this week with nary a kick nor a scream.

I'll always treasure the opportunities the job gave me to meet many of the founders who helped the new-born Columbia open its eyes and ears: Jim and Patty Rouse, Ellen Kennedy, Toby Orenstein, Eva Anderson, Norman Winkler, Lou Eisenhauer, Catherine McLoughlin-Hayes, Prudence Barry, Jack Farrell, Lucille Clifton, Doris and Claude Ligon, Frances Dawson and so many others.

It's inspiring to note how often their concerns extended to trying to uplift and educate the next...