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Resurfacing of neighborhood roads by county is welcome news [Rodgers Forge]

Councilman David Marks has certainly brought glad tidings our way. He issued a statement on Feb. 24 regarding roads in Rodgers Forge and Gaywood that are to be resurfaced in the near future. Councilman Marks stated that "over the next two years, Baltimore County will resurface thirteen routes in Rodgers Forge and Gaywood. The total project will improve about six miles. It is one of the most comprehensive road resurfacing plans for any major neighborhood in the Fifth District, and the largest in Towson!" The roads to be resurfaced are: Blenheim, Dorking, Dumbarton, Dunkirk, Gaywood, Glen Argyle, Heathfield, Hopkins, Midhurst, Murdock, Overbrook and Pinehurst Roads and Regester...