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Leon Trotsky
Housewife corset was a must-have item for domestic engineering in 1911

100 Years Ago Cruel Corset A large ad in the Times showed a woman washing clothes on a scrub board with the headline: "Baltimore's best store: Hochschild, Kohn &, Co. ; Housework is easy in a 'Housewife' corset." "The Housewife Corset (shown in right hand corner) is an exclusive Hochscild, Kohn & Co. corset. It was brought out in response to the popular demand for comfortable, durable, inexpensive corset which would enable the housewife to perform her household duties with perfect ease, and still preserve her figure. The Housewife Corset is made of extra strong batiste, double-boned; it is cut away under the arm, permitting perfect freedom of...