Roughly Speaking: Police and protests, Monday's debate, and 'Drunk History'

Melissa Harris

34 signs that this is the decade of the city

34 signs that this is the decade of the city

1. Kraft headquarters moving from Northfield to Aon Center.

2. Motorola Mobility headquarters moving from Schaumburg to Chicago.

3. Motorola Mobility installing 400 bike parking spots at the Merchandise Mart. If they anticipated their employees commuting from Elmhurst, they wouldn't need that much bike parking.

4. Chicago's population growth has lagged other major cities. But this decade, it has seen the greatest turnaround of the country's three largest cities. New York's and Los Angeles' growth rates surged post-2010, and they're still growing, but that rate peaked in 2011 and 2013, respectively, according to U.S. census data analyzed by the Brookings Institution....