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Jonah Goldberg

Oblivious Trump can't avoid self-sabotage

Oblivious Trump can't avoid self-sabotage

"Jonah — We have come a long way together — and I like it! Thank you!"

That right there is the full extent of my personal communications with Donald J. Trump. He wrote it by hand in broad felt pen on the very page my column appeared in the New York Post, mostly in ALL CAPS, followed by his signature (which looks a bit like an EKG reading). It came to me as a PDF via email on Sept. 4, 2015, under the subject header "From the office of Donald J. Trump."

Apparently he does this sort of thing a lot. I know several other columnists who've received similar missives from the GOP nominee. But I like mine the best. It came after months of feuding with Mr. Trump....