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John Brown
Phoenix 13-year-old, Riley Davis, loses cancer fight
Phoenix 13-year-old, Riley Davis, loses cancer fight

The gathering of several hundred people on Jan. 3 to remember Riley Davis wasn't a funeral. It was a celebration of a life. The two-hour tribute featured speakers, local singers and a cloud of yellow smiley-face helium balloons that floated over poster-sized photos of Riley. Riley, 13, of Phoenix, died on Dec. 28 after fighting leukemia for four years. He had a bone marrow transplant, a stem cell transplant and underwent chemotherapy and dozens of procedures. His parents, John and Mary, and older brother Cole, were at his side when he died. "Riley had an old soul," said his uncle, David Healy. "He was mature, caring, considerate and introspective. He could read people....