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New Year's Day

A peek inside haggis, Scotland's national dish

A peek inside haggis, Scotland's national dish

Authentic haggis is not for the squeamish. Under "Ingredients" on the label of packaged versions, you'll typically find oatmeal, onion, suet, seasonings — so far so good, eh? — and lamb offal. Offal. Sometimes called pluck. It's the innards: sheep's heart, liver, lungs. Maybe the tongue too. It's chopped finely, mixed all together and then, for good measure, put into a sheep's stomach casing and boiled. "You can use a synthetic casing, but we use natural skins," reassures Billy Hoy, manager of Findlay's of Portobello, a traditional butcher shop that produces a ton, literally, of hand-mixed haggis every Wednesday. There...