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Flag Day (United States)
Students create their own Star-Spangled Banner [Marriottsville/Sykesville/Woodstock]
Students create their own Star-Spangled Banner [Marriottsville/Sykesville/Woodstock]

Let's test your knowledge of Maryland history. Do you know the importance of Mary and Caroline Pickersgill? The fourth grade students at West Friendship Elementary do; they learned in a very hands-on manner this year. To answer the question, I must back up the story to last summer, when West Friendship teachers Sue Donaldson and Darlene Heflin and retired teacher Peggy Dash visited Fort McHenry in Baltimore. While there, they each put a stitch in a replica of the 1814 flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to pen the lyrics for the Star-Spangled Banner. This flag sports 15 stars and 15 stripes, representing the first 15 states of the nation. Donaldson decided to make the past come...