Black, female and in charge of Baltimore

Haruki Murakami

Like/Dislike: Megan Walburn, WJZ executive producer

Like/Dislike: Megan Walburn, WJZ executive producer

The summer before Megan Walburn's senior year at Washington College she met someone at a cookout who worked at WJZ. Soon there was a writing test. Then a gig freelancing.

She has stayed at WJZ (our media partner) for the last five years producing, and now executive produces the network's 11 p.m. news broadcast. "News is ever-changing, which means my job never gets boring," said Walburn, 26, a Brewers Hill resident. "In some jobs, people watch the clock from 9-5. At my job, I find myself wishing for more time in the workday." Walburn talks with b about running in marathons, her worst broadcast mishap and more.

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