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Wedded: Ashley Citrano and Chris Shanklin
Wedded: Ashley Citrano and Chris Shanklin

Date: Oct. 18 Her story: Ashley Citrano, 28, grew up in Nottingham. She is an animal care technician at Defenders of Animal Rights Inc. in Phoenix, Baltimore County. Her parents, Vera and Michael Citrano, live in Nottingham. His story: Chris Shanklin, 29, grew up in Nottingham. He is the owner of Chesapeake Billiards, a pool table sales and repair company based in Parkville. His parents, Sue and Rick Shanklin, live in Nottingham. Their story: In the fall of 2004, Ashley was driving on Belair Road when she passed a person standing on the sidewalk dressed in a costume, advertising a nearby Halloween Adventure store where Chris was a manager at the time. Ashley, who was looking for a...