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Gertrude Stein
Eagle Archive: Halloween, tale of a Westminster native with a taste for adventure, with side order of macabre

Carroll County has many sons and daughters who have made contributions to the literary and artistic world. Take William Buehler Seabrook, for example. What's that? You never heard of him? Seabrook was apparently one interesting character. It is only fitting that we talk about him on the eve of Halloween. He was born in Westminster Feb. 22, 1884, and died Sept. 20, 1945. On the occasion of his death, the St. Petersburg Times ran a news brief Sept. 21, 1945, with the cryptic headline: "William Seabrook, Author, is Suicide." OK, ready? (And just for a disclaimer, I am not making this up for Halloween.) Seabrook, "59, author and explorer, whose books were based on his own...