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Edward Steichen
'Dorothea Lange' by Linda Gordon
'Dorothea Lange' by Linda Gordon

Dorothea Lange A Life Beyond Limits Linda Gordon W.W. Norton: 536 pp., $35 Our image of the Great Depression has been indelibly shaped by the photographs of Dorothea Lange: homeless men standing dejectedly in line for food at a San Francisco mission, rickety jalopies crammed with the household belongings of farmers fleeing the Dust Bowl and, most famous of all, "Migrant Mother," Lange's majestic, sorrowful portrait of a destitute pea picker, baby at her breast, two older children leaning on her shoulders as she gazes stoically into the distance. Stark but not sordid, compassionate but not mawkish, these photos made palpable the human cost of the economic crisis and...