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Dario Fo
Review: Vagabond Players present 'Abducting Diana'
Review: Vagabond Players present 'Abducting Diana'

The young theater ensembles around town haven't cornered the market on the edgy or the avant-garde. The Vagabond Players, more readily associated with mainstream (or at least near-mainstream) repertoire, is closing its 95th season with a decidedly offbeat item, "Abducting Diana," by Italian playwright Dario Fo, the 1997 Nobel Prize laureate for literature. It's a gutsy choice for the company, but the play, a combination of satire, farce and a dash of commedia dell'arte, seems to suffer in the translation. (The adaptation used here is by Stephen Stenning.) The setting has moved from Italy to the D.C. area. The plot involves the amateurish kidnapping of a media...