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Bessie Smith
Madeleine Peyroux: 'Growing toward the sun'
Madeleine Peyroux: 'Growing toward the sun'

With a timbre suggestive of Billie Holiday and an intimate style of phrasing that needs only the subtlest twist of a syllable to hook a listener, Madeleine Peyroux has cleared a distinctive path in today's jazz world. That path does not include a lot of self-promotion. The Georgia-born singer, songwriter and guitarist has a reputation for being on the reclusive side. There have been periods when she simply dropped out of sight (during one such period about a decade ago, she did some busking in Paris). That behavior, combined with her often low-key, deeply introspective music-making, makes Peyroux — who performs Friday at the Music Center at Strathmore — one of the more...