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Mark Rothko
Seeing 'Red': Absorbing play about Mark Rothko
Seeing 'Red': Absorbing play about Mark Rothko

It's talky, contrived and a little creaky, but John Logan's "Red," the two-actor play on the boards at Everyman Theatre, is also remarkably absorbing, even uplifting. Who knew art history could be so much fun? Sorry, that sounds flip. And "Red" is anything but flip. The Tony Award-winning work, set in the late 1950s, conjures up an encounter with Mark Rothko, the celebrated abstract expressionist who created the equivalent of epic operas from vast fields of color. On a single canvas, a few painstakingly applied shades interact with and within each other. "Look at the tension between the blocks of color," Rothko (Bruce Randolph Nelson) tells Ken...