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Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Vibrant works from Sondheim Prize finalists
Vibrant works from Sondheim Prize finalists

If you had to describe the 2014 Janet and Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize Finalists Exhibition at the Walters Art Museum in a single word, "visceral" would fit well. "It is about line, color, shape, texture and sound," says Robert Mintz, chief curator at the Walters, who curated the display now on view. Like the 2013 exhibit, this one is being held at the Walters while the usual venue, the Baltimore Museum of Art, is undergoing renovations. Six of the finalists are based in Baltimore, one in Washington. Chosen by a jury earlier this year, the seven finalists are vying for the $25,000 Sondheim Artscape Prize, which will be awarded July 12 at the Walters. Those not...