On the Town: Eva Longoria visits YMCA

Children attending the Burbank Community YMCA summer day camp expect to go on interesting field trips, learn songs, play games, go swimming, participate in talent shows, create works of art and make meaningful friendships.

What they don't expect is to get a visit from one of Hollywood's best-known actresses. That, however, is just what happened last week as actress, director, producer and activist Eva Longoria visited the YMCA to promote the health benefits of water consumption.

Longoria, best-known for her role of Gabrielle Solis in ABC's popular dramedy "Desperate Housewives," serves as a spokesperson for Brita's "Drink Up" campaign that will see the company donate water filtration pitchers, dispensers and filter bottles to YMCA locations nationwide.

The actress was welcomed to last week's event by J.C. Holt, chief executive of Burbank Community YMCA, who joined her in creating, pouring and distributing samples of water infused with fresh fruits and vegetables.

After participating in a staff-led summer kick-off dance party, intended to connect physical activity and drinking water as part of a healthy lifestyle, each day camper was given their own Brita filter bottles and a lesson on how to load them with apples, grapes, raspberries or any of their favorite fruit flavors.

Throughout the morning event, Longoria took her time going from table to table talking to kids, asking and answering questions, and making sure they understood how to use their new filter bottles and how important it is to be drinking the proper amount of water each day.

As part of its ongoing effort to support organizations such as the YMCA in fighting childhood obesity, Brita has made a multiyear commitment to YMCAs throughout the country to help in the implementation of its healthy-eating and physical-activity standards for early-learning and after-school programs and to make sure each child has a Brita filter bottle.

Brita's commitment continues its 2013 collaboration with the Partnership for a Healthier America, whose honorary chairperson, First Lady Michelle Obama, encourages everyone to drink more water more often.


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