Extension of wood roof law is unconscionable

Rather than splitting hairs about who knew what and when they knew it (roof-overs vs. exposed wood shingles), the fact remains that the 1992 ordinance to replace wood shake roofs had an August compliance date. Christopher John Rizzotti's lobbying the City Council to extend the August date another two years in an effort to ignite his real estate business is unconscionable (“Council should provide more time for shake roofs,” Feb. 18).

While I'm sure that he and other Realtors enjoyed the prosperity of the housing bubble, the downturn in the economy has been felt by everyone. I don't know of anyone in business who is complaining about being too busy or having too much money to spend. Everyone has to be creative in less than prosperous times, but not at the expense of public safety.

I am one of many unfortunate Burbank residents whose neighbor has a shake roof. Part of his roof line is a mere 4 feet from my roof. I am counting the days until this roof is replaced.

Please tend to your real estate business, Rizziotti, and let the Fire Department tend to our safety.

Debra Russ


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