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What's up with Chloe:
Chloe's unexciting gig answering the info line at The Daily Planet becomes eventful when an anonymous caller desperately pleads for help. Chloe and Lois trace the call to a phone booth in a seedy section of Metropolis. When they arrive, they witness a car running over a woman. But this not just any woman. The sleuths determine, without much help or support from the Metropolis police, that it is a stripper who was escaping someone.

What's up with Lois:
Lois helps Chloe by posing as a stripper at the Wingate Club, the establishment where they presume the stripper worked. After initially being denied entry, the cousins sneak in. A hesitant Lois proceeds to get in costume and perform. She doesn't expect Clark, who is undercover himself, to witness her first dance.

What's up with Jonathan Kent:
Jonathan's longtime pal, Senator Jack Jennings, visits Smallville to seek the Kents' help. Jennings could use some support from the Kents' farmer friends. He informs Jonathan that Lex Luthor is running for the senate seat as well; it will be a tough race. Then it becomes even tougher when investigators find a photo of Jennings with the recently murdered stripper. Clark and his dad are convinced that Lex doctored and planted the picture, but it soon turns out that the man Clark calls an uncle has a secret of his own.

What's up with Clark:
Clark confronts Lex with the photo of Jennings. Lex defends himself and lets Clark borrow his Wingate Club membership so that Clark can find out more about the girl's death. In the middle of his probe, Clark runs into Lois, who is digging for the truth in a different way - by posing as a stripper!

What's up with Lex:
Lex's campaign for state senate starts off on his side with some rumors about Senator John Jennings and a stripper, but his friendship with Clark once again faces a test when Clark accuses him of starting that rumor.

How it all plays out:
After the Metropolis police force raids the Wingate Club, Lois escapes with a European man, the man the other strippers say picks a girl every night to take with him. Lois soon finds out while in his home that this is the man who killed the girl who called The Daily Planet. She fights him, but his bodyguard tames her with a stungun. However, just as the European man is about to take Lois away in a helicopter, Clark pulls them back with a rope and his strength. Police arrive at the scene only to let the man go; since he is not from the U.S., he is immune. But, due to an anonymous tip, the Interpol arrests him in Europe later.

Senator Jennings is not tied to the crime but admits to falling for the stripper, even though he is married. He bows out of the race because he no longer feels he is the best man for the job. He encourages Jonathan, a man he deems worthy of the position, to run. But could Jonathan defeat someone as powerful as Lex? That remains to be seen.

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