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Original air date, January 14, 2007

What's up with Jack?
Jack successfully escapes from Fayed breaks into a car with a cell phone inside. He phones CTU and urgently tells Buchanan that Fayed, not Assad, is responsible for the terrorist attacks, explaining that Assad is actually trying to negotiate peace. Buchanan puts Jack through to President Palmer. Jack implores Palmer to halt the assault on Assad because they'll need his help in order to capture Fayed.

What's up with President Wayne Palmer?
Karen and Tom aren't convinced that after having spent two years in a Chinese prison Jack is of sound enough mind to suggest that after 20 years of terrorist activity Assad is innocent. To Jack's dismay, Palmer agrees with Karen and Tom and continues with plans to assassinate Assad.

What's up with Ahmed?
Fayed phones Ahmed asking about a package he's supposed to deliver to Fayad. Ahmed chops a hole in the wall of his house and retrieves a package from behind it. At the same time, Stan, his irate neighbor bursts in and attacks him. Ahmed shoots him dead but not before a large piece a glass has pierces his thigh. Scott Wallace runs over to help Ahmed and is stunned when Ahmed points the gun at him and orders him to do as he says.

What's up with Sandra Palmer?
The president's sister is an attorney for the Islamic-American Alliance. She's upset when FBI agents come in demanding to see the personal records they have on file. Sandra refuses to show anything without a warrant. Afterwards, she phones her brother, President Palmer, dismayed that he's allowing Tom Lennox to take away people's civil liberties.

How does it all end up?

Jack recalls the coordinates of Assad's location that Fayed gave to Buchanan. He speeds to the location to warn Assad. Upon arriving at the safe house, Jack finds Assad and his men pointing weapons at him. Jack tells Assad that Fayed set him up and that the house is about to be destroyed. Jack says one of his men must have a transponder on him and is working against Assad. Assad orders all his men to empty their pockets and finds that Omar has betrayed him. Jack and Assad barely make it out of the house before helicopters above hit it with missiles.

Afterwards, Jack and Assad escape to an abandoned house where Assad explains that he's gaining support to create a cease-fire with the West, and Fayed is trying to sabotage it with the terrorist attacks. Omar is lying on a chair with an open wound to his leg. Jack stabs the wound in an effort to get Omar to talk. Omar refuses and Jack tells Assad it's hopeless. Assad takes over plunging a knife into his knee. Jack looks on as Omar reveals Fayed's address. Jack says that he doesn't know how to do this anymore. Assad tells him that it will come back to him.

Meanwhile, Fayed is taping up a young man with explosives. He is to detonate the bomb on the Los Angeles subway.

The FBI returns with a warrant to the Islamic-American Alliance. In an effort to preserve the right to privacy, Sandra deletes all the files. She and Walid, her client/boyfriend are subsequently arrested.

After locating the address Omar gave them, Jack and Assad see two men, one strapped with explosives get into a car. Realizing they're about to strike another target Jack and Assad follow them to the subway station. At the station, one man gets on the train and the other who escorted him leaves. Jack tells Assad that he'll go after the bomber and for Assad to follow the other.

On the subway Jack watches the bomber. When the bomber sees Jack approaching he attempts to detonate but Jack stops him and they begin to struggle. People panic as the bomb strapped to the guy is revealed. Just as he pushes the button Jack slams him with his legs, throwing him out of the subway. The bomb explodes in the tunnel but no passengers, other than the suicide bomber, are hurt.

CTU intercepts a call from Fayed and forwards it to Palmer. The call confirms that Jack was speaking the truthÂ…that Fayed, not Assad, is responsible for the attacks. Meanwhile, Assad is trailing the guy who escorted the suicide bomber in an attempt to find Fayed.

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