Wayne Township calls in exterminators after students bring bed bugs to class


Wayne Township is battling a bed bug problem. The district announced Tuesday that it believes the problem has been taken care of.

Late last week, the district was notified that two siblings unknowingly brought the bugs to both Ben Davis High School and Sanders Elementary School. Both students took buses to school and those buses also service two other schools in the district-- Bridgeport Elementary and the pre-school.

The district said crews cleaned the buses, the schools and hired an exterminator company to treat the buildings. The district said their efforts are paying off and so far no bed bugs have been found at the schools.

Spokeswoman Mary Lang said the district sent out thousands of emails and made automated calls to parents and guardians who have children at the affected schools.

"This should be something that we should all be aware of especially if there is a student or anybody in our buildings who's presented this problem," said Lang.

"According to the information that we've shared from the CDC, bed bugs are found all over the world so it's something that could happen at anytime and of course, we don't want our students to have to deal with that."

The exterminator company is also treating the home of the two students. They are being kept home until the bed bugs are gone. Health experts said bed bugs are not to be considered a medical or public health hazard and they are not known to spread diseases.


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