In many ways it was a poetic way to end the 2011 Indianapolis Colts home schedule-even if fans were a bit torn on the result.

With a number one draft pick theirs to have with a loss, the team showed the resolve missing all season and rallied for a 19-16 victory over the Texans.

Defeating the AFC South champions took plenty of drama and had a lot of fans wondering if that was the best thing for the team now and the future.

In the end, the Colts improved to 2-13 and still remain the holders of the NFL's Top Draft pick come April-at least for now.

To pay tribute to the Holiday season, we have created a bit of a poem to describe this entertaining yet complex game.

Watch "Twas The Colts Game Before Christmas" by clicking on the link above and check out last year's version on the left side of the page.