Teen stops violent attack at Lewis Cass High School

A Cass County freshman tackled a student who whacked another boy in the head with a block of wood.


A freshman at Lewis Cass High School is receiving credit for stopping a violent attack on another student.

It happened about 15 minutes before school began last Wednesday morning.

Leland Bowling was walking to his locker when he noticed another boy pass him carrying a block of wood.

"At first I just saw the kid walk through the hall, figured he was going to woodshed class or something," said Bowling.

That teen, whose name has not been revealed because he is a minor, headed straight for another student and whacked him in the head with the wood. School Principal Bill Isaacs said the weapon was about four feet long and an inch thick.

Bowling said the victim fell flat on his face.

"There was blood all over the floor," said Bowling. "It was pretty bad."

Bowling, who is a wrestler and plays football at the school, said he immediately dropped his backpack on the hallway floor and tackled the teen attacker. He pushed the student against the wall and tried to calm him down.

"Just telling him that he needed to calm down, think about what he just did," said Bowling.

After a brief shouting match with his victim, the teen attacker gave up and turned himself in. He was taken to Robert J. Kinsey Youth Center in Kokomo and has been charged with two counts of battery. He has also been suspended from school.

The victim was taken to the hospital with head injuries and has since been released.

Isaacs said the assault might have been a result of someone teasing the attacker's sister. One thing is for sure, he believes the situation could have gotten much worse if Bowling had not intervened.

"He's just a top student," Isaacs said of Bowling, adding that he plans to reward him for his actions. "He really would do the right thing."

As for Bowling, he just hopes anyone else would have made the right choice if they were in his shoes.

"If you see something bad happening, then you need to help out," said Bowling. "Don't just stand there and watch. You need to take action."


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