Indianapolis Colts defensive end, Robert Mathis and Indiana Pacers' center, Roy Hibbert hosted the 3rd annual Caroline Symmes Memorial Celebrity Softball Challenge Thursday night at Victory field. 

The game is put on by the Tony Stewart Foundation, and benefits the Indiana Children's Wish Fund.

"It's for children who have medical problems and it's a great organization," Hibbert said about the Wish Fund. "For allowing us  to do this and be a part of the community is great."

Robert Mathis echoed what Hibbert said about the event.

"Indiana Children's Wish Fund puts smiles on the kids faces and at the same time raises money so they can get treatment," Mathis said.

Mathis said he couldn't be more proud of the Colts, as well as the Pacers for coming out and supporting a good cause. 

With the NFL lockout still in affect, fans across the league wonder what each team is doing to stay in shape awaiting a deal between players and owners. Mathis said he's not too worried about his teammates, he said everyone is staying on top of things.

"It's unfortunate we're in our situation, but there's not too much you can do about it," he said. "Just control what you can."

With reports swirling that Peyton Manning's recovery from recent neck surgery is a little behind schedule, Mathis said he has full faith that Peyton will be ready to go when, or if a deal is made.

"Peyton is a warrior. If there is anything we all know about him it's that he's going to be on the field," he said. "He'll take care of his business and he'll be back on the field."

The Pacers have their own offseason drama going on. Frank Vogel, the Pacers current interim head coach after the firing of Jim O'Brien last year, has yet to settle on a contract with the team. This leaves some uncertainty around the organization about who will be in charge come next season.

"I really don't know how close we are to sealing a head coach," Pacer's Forward Paul George said in his teams dugout before the game. "All I can focus on is me getting better and working hard for this team."

Hibbert, much like George, doesn't know who will be standing on the sidelines next year, but made it obvious who he's pulling for.

"I"m not sure what Larry (Bird) is doing, but I know he's going to take his time and make the right decision for the organization," Hibbert said. "I"m rooting for Frank (Vogel), but I know it's not in my hands. (Larry) knows where the organization needs to be and who's going to lead it."