City prepares for Super Bowl transportation demands

Airport, Cabs, Buses make final preparations for Super Bowl XLVI


As Super Bowl XLVI quickly approaches, the City is making its final preparations and that includes getting transportation in tip top shape.

This week, taxi services like Yellow Cab will send their drivers to a class on 'super service.'

"There's over 100 different NFL parties and the drivers are, they're gonna need to know where they are," said Tim Neville, Director of Operations for Yellow Cab. "It's real important that the fans and the people that come in for the game have a good experience."

At the Indianapolis airport, officials are expecting a large influx of passengers that week.

"We expect anywhere from 400 to 600 airplanes in here that we normally would not have," said COO Mike Medvescek.

With all those extra passengers, the airport has boosted security. It's also taking the necessary precautions in case wicked weather arrives.

"We have extra tanks of glycol for de-icing aircrafts at the airport. We have extra chemicals for the runways and taxiways that we would be applying. We've actually brought in additional snow equipment for the airfield and for the roadway system as well," said Medvescek.

He added the most hectic period for the airport will be after the game when fans head back home.

"We've actually added four additional lines," said Medvescek. "All the new equipment will be installed in the next couple of weeks so that will upgrade how quickly we can move our passengers out when the game is over."

The City is also preparing to help local fans get around and enjoy the festivities.

Drivers should know there will be road closures and lane restrictions around downtown. Parking lots and garages will remain open, but some meters around Georgia Street, Monument Circle, and Lucas Oil Stadium will not be available.

This week, the Department of Public Works began putting up 50 special signs that indicate a 'Super Route' and a 'Bowl Route' to help drivers avoid any headaches.

IndyGo has also announced it's offering free bus rides from Feb. 2-5, while maintaining the same schedule.

You can find out more information about routes and parking online.


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