Super Bowl ticket prices higher than previous years

Average ticket price for Super Bowl XLVI is $3,984, one sells for $11,883


The average price of admission to Super Bowl XLVI costs more than it did in the past two years, but those prices could fluctuate between now and game day on Feb. 5.

According to TiqIQ, an online ticket aggregator, the average price for a ticket this year is $3,984.73. That's 9.17 percent higher than the average ticket price for Super Bowl XLV in Dallas ($3,649.91) and 71.07 percent higher than the price for Super Bowl XLIV in Miami ($2,329.26).

The highest asking price Monday, was $15,343 for a seat located in Section 113, Row 3. The highest price paid so far, according to Bloomberg News, is $11,883.

Prices have gone sky high since the announcement of the two teams playing. However, Chris Matcovich with TiqIQ said it has more to do with supply and demand; there aren't enough tickets out there for the average Joe.

"One of the major reasons is that the leagues and teams hold back tickets to give to corporate sponsors and people in the corporate world," said Matcovich.

At Fanfare in Carmel, the most expensive tickets on the lower level are selling for around $7,500 each but that's not what callers are asking for.

"The most popular tickets are the ones that get people in," said Fanfare partner Renny Harrison. He said most of his clients are from the East Coast looking for the lower level tickets which run between $2,500 and $3,500.

He said people who just want to experience a Super Bowl could try their luck closer to game day.

"If somebody doesn't like the price today, they should check and see what the prices are tomorrow," said Renny Harrison. "It's not unheard of for a ticket to drop significantly in price right before the game."

Matcovich said the higher priced tickets will sell, because both teams have fans that are willing to travel and those fans have higher disposable incomes.


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