Students suspended after seeing nude photo of teacher on iPad

Anderson, Ind.

Four Anderson middle school students were punished this week after seeing a nude picture of their teacher on her school-issued iPad.

Josh Troutt, 13, was one of the students suspended from Highland Middle School.

He told Fox59 he and three friends received permission to use their teacher's iPad during class, but when they turned it on, they saw a revealing picture of their teacher.

"It just showed up of our teacher with a bra on, but most of her breast showing," explained Troutt. "I never thought of seeing my teacher like that."

Troutt’s friends told a school leader and they all got in trouble. One student got a warning, Troutt and another student were suspended and a fourth was expelled.

Troutt's mother, Nicole Troutt, is furious.

"I didn't understand why he was being punished for it when all he did was see it?" she asked.

Anderson Community Schools Assistant Superintendent Beth Clark told Fox 59 the students violated the school's technology policy, but she would not explain the violation in detail.

Clark explained that the teacher had accidentally synced a personal device with her school-issued iPad. Clark said the school is taking preventative actions against the teacher, but she's keeping her job.

Troutt said it's not fair, when he and his friends thought they did the right thing.

"We could've just left it on there and showed it everybody in the school and made her embarrassed but we didn't,” said Troutt. “We went and told them."

Troutt’s mother said she will appeal her son's suspension, but if it's not overturned, she will take him out of Highland Middle School.


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