Senate candidates make final push for votes

Senator Richard Lugar and State Treasurer Richard Mourdock are making their last minute push for votes in one of the most hotly contested primary races


The candidates in one of the most hotly contested primary races are making their last minute push for votes.

Longtime U.S. Senator Richard Lugar is facing off against current State Treasurer Richard Mourdock  for the Republican bid.

Both candidates hit the road, Monday, while their volunteers worked the phones trying not to waste the last hours left in the campaign.

"We've made over a quarter of a million calls to Hoosier primary voters in just the last couple of days,” said Andy Fisher, spokesman for the Lugar campaign. “They will continue to do that until the polls are about to close tomorrow night."

Ahead in the most recent Howey-DePauw poll, Mourdock told reporters in Elkhart why he was the right man for the job.

"I'm in touch with Indiana. I know the way Hoosier Republicans are thinking. I think that's why we're leading in the polls," he said.

Lugar downplayed the polls, and said his phone banks tell a different story.

"I'm very optimistic about what's going to happen tomorrow,” said Lugar at a campaign stop in Tipton. “Obviously we won't know until people have voted until they count the votes. But I'm telling you that our telephone calls today from our phone banks are giving a very optimistic forecast."

Lugar already voted last week. Mourdock will vote in Evansville Tuesday morning. Both candidates will watch the results in Indianapolis.


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