Residents ready to fight possible Wal-Mart store in Zionsville


Some Zionsville residents said they are prepared to fight the opening of a Wal-Mart store in town again, after the retail giant decided it would make another attempt to build in the community.

The company already owns nearly two dozen acres of land along Michigan Road and 106th street. The area is not far from downtown Zionsville and a Wal-Mart store near Michigan Road and 86th street.

"There's one just right down the, right down the road. We don't think that there needs to be another one that close," said Zionsville resident Pam Averill.

Plans for a new store were originally shot down in 2006 by the town council, because they were too big. Now Wal-Mart will try again, but it will have to get a variance.

"It's the brick street. It's the small shops. The walking ability," said Annie Rogers, owner of the Zionsville travel shop, as she looked out of her downtown office.

While she could see the upside of a new store bringing “more jobs to our community," the small business owner simply couldn't support a big box store.

"I'm not sure if that's the kind of atmosphere we want to promote. The big business atmosphere."

A spokesperson for the retail giant has said Wal-Mart is not competition for the smaller downtown Zionsville businesses, but not everyone is buying it. Many people are prepared to fight it all over again.

"The town is gonna fight it all the way," said Regina Owens, owner of downtown’s Jewel Box Jewelers.

"It's just a charming small town, just really close knit community, it just seems out of place here," added Averill.


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